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  • Geeignet für: You can use it to stream video, listen to your music and share your library with friends
  • Sprachen: English
  • URL: http://www.put.io/
  • URL Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/putdotio
  • Anbieter: Put.io
  • E-Mail: info@put.io
  • Land: Turkey
  • Gelistet: 13. Mai 2011 14:22


Put.io is a storage service that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately

Put.io goes out of its way to keep your files safe. You can access your files from anywhere with anything that supports a browser. Like an iPhone or PS3.

Fetch files from many placesWe can fetch files from the bittorrent network. We also support ftp’s, direct download links, basic http authenticated links and many many paysites.

Fetch fasterOur servers are connected to the internet through Gigabit ports. So we can fetch files way faster than a home connection.

We can watch RSS feeds. We’ll watch your favorite sources and download the new content automatically. Works with torrents, podcasts and many music blogs

Start streaming instantlyWhen your files arrive, we’ll find the appropriate player to make it instantly consumable. For example DivX files are streamed through the Divx Web Player

Share the wealthYou can share and be shared a humongous amount of files through your friends. With shared folders, your friends can receive whatever you put in them in realtime.


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  • Eintrag von: AppShaker
  • Mitglied seit: 6. Mai 2011

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